The Benefits of Digital Mammography

Unlike other parts of the body, the breast is composed of mainly soft tissue. When breast tissue is X-rayed, the result is a very fuzzy picture, making it difficult to detect the very early stages of cancer.

Digital mammography uses special high-resolution monitors. The radiologist can adjust the brightness, change contrast and zoom in for close-ups of specific spots. Being able to make all these adjustments is one of the main benefits of digital technology.

Because they are electronic, digital mammography images can be transmitted quickly across a network. Digital images can also be easily stored, copied without any loss of information, and sent to as many recipients as necessary.

The procedure is performed by the Hologic Digital Mammo System and includes a "mammo pad" for comfort. Many women have reported experiencing pain and discomfort while the breast is compressed during screening mammography. Not surprisingly, this has been an important reason women do not get annual screenings. The mammo pad breast cushion places a soft, warm and protective surface between the breast and the mammography machine - which can significantly increase a woman's comfort.


There is no preparation required for a mammogram.

Appointments available: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday. For more information call 574-946-2136.

The day of your appointment

  • Do not wear any perfumes, deodorant, lotions or jewelry.
  • Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled time so that you may complete the registration process.
  • Once the registration process is complete, you will be directed to the Diagnostic Imaging Department and a registered technologist will bring you to the procedure room and you will be asked to take off your blouse and bra.
  • Mammograms take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

Once your exam is finished you may change and leave. Your results will be forwarded to you and your physician, who will then explain them to you.