Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

There are five basic components of the EAP for athletics:

  1. Emergency personnel
  2. Emergency communication
  3. Emergency equipment
  4. Venue map for Partner Schools
  5. Athletic policies and procedures


Athletic Training services are provided to partner schools by Pulaski Memorial Hospital. Athletic Trainers are certified by the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) and licensed in the state of Indiana. Their role is to care for and help prevent athletic related injuries. Because of limitations, there may not be an Athletic Trainer available for all practices or contests. Athletic Trainers will prioritize their time based on consultation with partner schools. Athletes are welcome to utilize Athletic Training services at the school during posted training room hours. If any athlete is injured during athletic participation, he/she should be evaluated by the Athletic Trainer.

The Emergency Action Plan exists because emergency situations may arise at any time during athletic events or practice. Partner schools and the sports medicine team have a duty to develop an Emergency Action Plan and policies that may be implemented to provide appropriate care to all sports participants. Accidents and injuries are inherent with sports participation and proper preparation should enable each situation to be managed appropriately.